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Welcome to Phase 1:  Prayer

To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing
                                                                                               ~Martin Luther

We couldn't agree more.  To that end, we have developed 5 ways to step up our prayer lives. So take a break.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Then scroll through Phase 1 of our vision:  Focal Point, Walk 901, AM Hub, Prayer Exchange, and Each One Reach One.   You're sure to find several ways to step up your prayer life.  Hopefully, you'll make a few new connections along the way. 


Ever wonder about prayer?

Focal Point: a weekly blog posted by Faith's pastors. The Focus?  That's right...prayer. We'll be sending out a new topic to get our entire congregation praying together.                                            


Hit the street!

Our Goal?  To cover Waterville/Winslow (04901) in prayer as soon as possible!  Walk any neighborhood...pray...repeat.  Highlight your covered area in our entry way each week.                                                               


GOT 20 (minutes)?

Want to meet up for prayer but don't have time?  Catch Pastor Ben in the Hub (the lobby until construction is complete) for a quick, new prayer experience.  You've never prayed like this.  Set your alarm!  We meet Thursday morning from!  Find out more here.


We are stronger together

What if we all prayed for each other specifically? What if all year long different families prayed for you and you prayed for different name? That's what the Prayer Exchange is all about. 
Just let us know you want to be in the mix. Click the photo above to learn more!


Your neighbor needs you!

Many churches have some variation of prayerful outreach.  Each 1 Reach 1 is ours!  Identify a neighbor and pray for that person or family for the remainder of the year.  The goal?  Salvation!  Write their name on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and bedside table.  Pray for them constantly!  Ready, set, go!  Interested?  Click here!


Next Phase: Serve

Click the picture above to learn more